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A Hedge Fund is a private investment fund that is generally unregulated or permitted by regulators to undertake a wider range of activities. Generally, Hedge Funds are open to a limited number of professional, institutional or wealthy investors. Hedge Funds have a manager that uses alternative investment techniques, such as short selling, margin investing, debt, commodities and derivatives. A Hedge Fund typically pays a performance-based fee to its investment manager. Top fund managers typically beat the general market performance and a manager with talent can furnish large capital returns not only for his or her investors but also for the managers themselves. 

Usually defined as “Accredited Investors”, various institutions, corporate treasuries, endowments, fund of funds, family offices, private banks and pensions invest in Hedge Funds

An accredited or sophisticated investor is an investor with a special status under financial regulation laws. The definition of an accredited investor vary between countries. Generally, accredited investors include high-net-worth individuals, banks, financial institutions and other large corporations, who have access to complex and higher-risk investments such as venture capital, hedge funds and angel investments.

Laws may require that some types of financial offerings may only be made to accredited investors

Hedge Funds fee structures vary, dependant on jurisdiction, domicile and, most importantly, investor base. The most common fee structure is the standard “1 and 20”: a 1% management fee (% of assets) and 20% performance fee (% of profits), annually (Normally the management fee is collected in .25% quarterly trenches, in advance, and the performance fee is calculated annually). In addition to this, there are other performance-related restrictions and expansions on the collection of fees: high-water marks and hurdle rates being the most common

Every Business carries risk, however, there is a common misconception into Hedge Fund risk.

Many individuals in the professional investment community believe Hedge Funds to be speculative investment vehicles which take highly leveraged, directional bets based on broad macroeconomic or market views. This tainted image is partly as a result of articles in the press which refer to Global Macro funds which opened the public’s eyes to other forms of Hedge Funds and the dangers of leverage but again distorted people’s views of the industry.

The reality is that the Hedge Fund industry is much more diverse and, for the most part, quite conservative. Most Hedge Funds are specifically designed to reduce risk and limit volatility. Global Macro funds represent a small part of the Hedge Fund universe which contains a diverse range of investment strategies. The leverage employed by most Hedge Funds is modest and some use none at all. This contrasts with the exceptionally high leverage employed by Global Macro funds.

his is the time period that you must hold your assets (“lock-up” your money) within a fund before they can be removed.

The minimum investment varies from fund to fund. common starting range would be between $500,000- $1,000,000.

Established funds can have much higher minimums; $10,000,000 or more, depending on the fund and manager. The fund manager can waive the minimum at his sole discretion but this is usually only undertaken to accommodate serious investors who stipulate an intent to allocate substantially more than the stated minimum, depending on how this initial allocation performs.

The investor always pays the management fee on assets held within the fund, but performance fees are applicable only after a positive performance has been achieved

A Hedge Fund is an absolute return-oriented fund which has its own portfolio of investments. A fund of Hedge Funds invests in a number of individual Hedge Funds and seeks to create a diversified portfolio of funds which will deliver comparable risk and return characteristics, but with a lower level of volatility.

Smart contracts are self-executing contracts with the terms of the agreement between buyer and seller being directly written into lines of code. The code and the agreements contained therein exist across a distributed, decentralized blockchain network. Smart contracts permit trusted transactions and agreements to be carried out among disparate, anonymous parties without the need for a central authority, legal system, or external enforcement mechanism. They render transactions traceable, transparent, and irreversible.


*Legal disclaimer – Please see risk disclosure in the buy token section. Everything on this website is for educational purposes only and is not financial advice or a guarantee. You should do your own due diligence before making any decisions and seek proper legal and financial advice.

It is normal for any stock, currency or cryptocurrencies etc to rise and fall as part of its cycle. The key is to know when the right time to enter and exit is using proper risk management because you can not get it right 100% of the time all the time and hedging risk by diversifying into different instruments and profitable forward-thinking industries and projects with real-life uses.  

The old saying what comes up must go down and what goes down must go up again rings true.

Most often times you hear about people who trade who are new lose money. This is because they do not use proper risk management and often over leverage themselves due to emotions and financial circumstances putting them under pressure which makes them get emotional and cloud their judgement so they get caught in the fear cycle when they are losing and become over emotional and exit at the wrong time or become too euphoric when they see they are in profit and overextend due to of lack of experience or exit too early with hardly any profit from fear of loss or listening to the news which often portrays FUD which makes them exit too early or in loss.

This is where having Seasoned traders comes in because they are not driven by emotions or by news events or world events but rather analysis.


Banks and financial institutions are adopting it whilst others are already using it, and most if not all will use XRP in time.

The speed of transactions of XRP is in seconds compared to 3-5 business working days.

Some interesting potential possibilities that have been discussed in the community about XRPS future….

  1. XRP will become the world’s currency reserve.

      2. Ripples XRP escrow or a large percentage will be signed over to the IMF or the World Bank.

      3. XRP will become the global standard for the exchange of value through the Internet of Value web.

The McKinsey assessment gave high marks to Ripple and in light of Ripple being elected to the Federal Reserve’s Faster Payments Task Force Steering Committee and their close workings, with high-level officials across the world plus the Bank of England testing it for six months it is easy to see as the months unfold and more and more institutions come on board that XRP could become the world currency reserve in the future.

Ripple’s approach to adoption is:

1. Get the banks to use their ledger software to send fiat money (without necessarily requiring XRP), instead of the SWIFT way. This step is important because it doesn’t radically change the way banks do things today, but it does give them some very valuable tools and real-time information about their money transfers. This is what most Ripple-partnered banks are talking about when they say they are using Ripple’s products. What also comes with this software is a Ripple feature called xRapid, which leads us to step.

2. Once banks are integrated, they will have the choice of using XRP via Ripple’s xRapid feature. They don’t have to, but they will want to in the end.

The first step puts the option to use XRP right in front of the banks. While at this time XRP may seem irrelevant to their existing infrastructure, it will be easy to start using XRP.

Why would a bank want to use XRP then?

  • It would take very little effort to start using the integrated xRapid feature.
  • They would save an additional 30% on transfer fees.
  • Their competitors are using it, undercutting them and taking business away.
  • Eliminates Nostro accounts.

Using XRP eliminates the need for Nostro Accounts

Billions and billions of dollars are sitting in foreign bank accounts that are required for swift and even Ripple’s messaging software can be recouped and reinvested by the banks, allowing them to make billions more from that money and not only will that money be freed up, but money that is currently locked in-transit for 3–5 days during swift transactions, trillions of dollars, will also be freed up so the recipient can spend that money again immediately.

Instead of just a transaction per week, that same money can be re-used for potentially thousands of transactions a week and millions upon millions of transactions in a year.

Disclaimer: This is for discussion and educational purposes only. We do not provide any projections or guarantee, investment advice and no information or material on the is to be relied upon for the purpose of making an investment or other decisions. You should thoroughly review any information with your financial, legal and tax advisor and conduct such due diligence as you and they deem appropriate

We want to be able to help everyone and we believe the only way to help make peoples lives better and the world is to help people get access to what the big business Investors have access to at lower barrier entry price so that everyone has a level playing field .

Titan XRP have a lock up period of 1 year with a 30 day notice period and after that only 30 days notice needs to be given if you wish to withdraw your funds.

Why do you have a Lock up Period?

The reason for a lock up period is to safe guard the fund not just for Titan XRP but all clients including yourself. The fund needs a period to grow and gain momentum. If everyone is withdrawing their profits every month the fund will not grow and spin wheels and stay stagnant thus everyone’s profit will be very minimal.

In essence you should view the fund like a savings account that accumulates interest.

We accept payment for TXDM in Ethereum.

To enable mass adoption to the general public to keep this a simple process as possible we have pegged USD to ETH conversion rate to our interface at $5 dollars per token with $100 buy-in during the pre-token sale later rising to $250 in the Initial token offering phase.

Everyone understands dollars but not cryptocurrency and one of the aims of this Fund is to make it simple for everyone to understand as cryptocurrency and blockchain is more geared to developers and technologically savvy people rather than the general public and often times it can become confusing and complicated for a person who is new to the crypto industry to get their heads around.

Fluxtutaions in cryptocurrency can be rather volatile, for example, if one client bought 1 ETH for $200 but the price dropped 1 week later to $100 during the token sales, then some clients would benefit more than other clients and we believe that to be unjust and unfair to clients who have bought in at a higher price and therefore we have priced it in USD.                                                                                                 

When a client puts in the number of tokens they are purchasing in the interface on our buy token page  it connects with Metamask and converts 250 dollars on Metamask if buying 50 tokens for example into Ethereum, which saves the client a lot of trouble of looking up conversions of ETH to their currency.

The Minimum is £500 and no maximum. Withdrawal’s over £20,000 KYC and AML must be provided.

When cashing out we make payments in the form cryptocurrency or of SEPA, SWIFT, International Bank transfers & Wire transfers.

A release contract agreement will be sent to you signed by us and for you to also sign and return with the tx hash number once it is verified then the tokens are to be sent  by you to escrow and once the escrow service has both Tokens and Profits and is satisfied that everything is correct they shall release your profits to you and the tokens back to us.

For withdrawals of over 20,000 KYC must be provided by you for AML purposes.

UK – Same Day *

EU – Next Day *

Non EU – 1-2 Business Days.

*Based on usual time frames on payments sent during GMT business hours 9 am – 5 pm.

Although banks may occasionally hold funds for longer whilst they carry out additional checks.